SIP in Mutual Funds

SIP In Mutual Funds

SIPs in equity mutual funds are a disciplined way of creating wealth over the long term.
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Benefits of Sip

Start small –
Start a SIP with as low as Rs. 500 a month. Pay yourself first before you pay for anything else!
Discipline –
With your SIP amount automatically getting invested every month, it ensures that your money is growing even when you are burning the midnight oil at office. Investing indeed needs very little of your time.
Lower pricing risk (Rupee Cost Averaging) –
Investing on a fixed date every month means that you invest across market cycles. Which also means that you invest in both up and down trending markets. Since you do not lock one single price for all your instalments, you end up averaging your price over time. And that means lots of peace and truckloads of happiness.
Magic of compounding –
Simply put, if you earn 12% return every year, your money becomes 2X in 6 years, 4X in 12 years and 8X in 18 years.
Paperless transactions* -
At CAGRfunds, invest in as many SIPs as you like, with a click of a button. Our “One Time Mandate” eliminates the need for your signatures for the rest of your life.
Stop and pause anytime* -
We understand that there could be times when you need that extra bit of cash. So we let you pause or even stop your SIP when you want. Your Wealth, Your Control.
  • Start SIP online as low as Rs. 500
    You can start with a small amount – as low as Rs. 500
  • Invest in SIP & build wealth
    Small things make a big impact–wealth creation over time due to power of compounding
  • Sit in Peace (SIP)
    Sit in Peace (SIP)– amount gets deducted from bank automatically
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