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Investment in ELSS mutual funds is not only the best way to save income tax but also holds ample growth potential for your savings.

Save up to Rs. 46,350 in tax and create wealth at the same time by investing in the best Tax Saving (ELSS) mutual funds! Use our ELSS Tax Saving Calculator now to calculate how much tax you can save and how much wealth you can create by investing in tax saving mutual funds.

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FAQs - ELSS Investment Online and Tax Saving Calculator

Investment in ELSS mutual is like feeding two birds with one seed. It not serves as a tax saving option but also a lucrative investment tool for wealth creation in the long run. What sets it apart from other tax-saving options is its short lock-in period which is a minimum of 3 years. It is a wealth-doubling option as it is equity linked.
Yes, that is the magic of ELSS.
An Investment upto 1.5 Lakhs in Equity Linked Savings Scheme qualifies for income tax exemption under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. This means that your taxable income reduces by the amount of investment you make in ELSS. The amount of tax you pay gets reduced as your overall taxable income has now reduced.
If you fit in the following category, ELSS will prove beneficial for you:
a) A tax-paying individual looking for avenues to expand wealth,
b) who hasn't completely availed the entire tax benefit of 1.5 Lacs under sec 80C,
c) And is yet to fully exploit the benefits of the equity market.

But consider turning other non-ELSS options if:
a) You are not comfortable with market volatility (if this is the case, contact us now).
b) You are over exposed to the equity market.
We recommend that you plan for your ELSS Investments early. This is because early planning will enable you to invest through SIP mode. In our view,investing through SIPs is the best alternative for disciplined, long term investments.
However, if you choose to make your tax saving mutual fund investments towards the end of the financial year, then lumpsum is the only quick and viable option.
ELSS Funds are equity funds. Since 31 January 2018, a LTCG tax of 10% had been levied over gains above 1 Lakhs. ELSS returns are subject to the same rules.
1) Choose an Investment type. Decide if you want to invest a fixed amount altogether or if you want to opt for a more disciplined way of creating wealth over the long term by investing small sums every month.
2) Decide the amount you want to invest and the period during which you can stay invested.
3) Let our ELSS calculator crunch the numbers and make your decision based on our calculator's accurate and quick results.