Goal Based Investing

Goal Based Investing

Goal Based Investing helps you to plan and save for each goal separately. This not only helps you figure out how much would you need for your goal and hence how much you should be saving but also helps us recommend the right actions close to the goal maturity. Your Goals need not necessarily be the ones requiring large amount of funds. It could be as simple as planning a vacation!

Out Financial Goal Calculator helps you arrive at how much you need to start investing every month if you want to accumulate a certain sum for your goal.

Think of the goals you may have and use our Financial Goal Calculator to plan.

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Calculate how much should you start saving for each goal?

If you need Rs.to meet your goal afteryears andmonths
You should start saving for your plan with a monthly SIP of   .
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FAQs -Goal Based Investing

Not having any future financial goals is like walking without knowing where you want to reach. Investing without mapping them to any future goal often leads to incorrect financial decisions (Example: You may start investing to generate higher returns but since it is not mapped to a future goal like child’s education, you may end up withdrawing early and using the money for something else). Hence, establishing life goals helps you to plan your investments better.
A financial goal / financial planning calculator helps you in two ways:
  1. Establish the amount of money you will need when the goal has to be fulfilled
  2. How much savings / investments should you start every month to accumulate the above amount
SIP Calculator tells you how much corpus you will be able to create by investing a certain sum through SIP every month. A Financial Goal Calculator on the other hand, adds another layer before that. It also helps you ascertain how much you need to accumulate. Thus a Financial Goal Calculator is useful when you have a goal in mind but do not know how much money you will need to fulfill the goal. You can therefore consider it to be your goal planning calculator.