Here are some common questions which could be on your mind

General FAQ

CAGRfunds is a private limited company registered under the name Virtue Online Services Pvt. Ltd. (VOSPL). We are not a mutual fund. We are a bunch of financial planning enthusiasts who help you invest in mutual funds. We identify your profile, establish the goals for which you want to invest and recommend you the suitable funds you should be investing in. But that is not all. We help you with other services also. We are therefore the friend you can depend on for all your money related matters.
We earn our revenue as commissions from the respective AMCs. For those who are wondering, why we do that, please read here
We currently do not provide individual stock recommendations. We however do facilitate opening of a trading and Demat account if you so wish to engage in stock investing. .


To start investing in mutual funds, you need to have an Investment Services Account. This is not a brokerage or a Demat account, neither do you need one.

We are a paperless platform with a one - time registration and documentation need. For registration, you will need the scan copies of (JPEG or PDF limited to size of 2MB each):

  1. PAN Card,
  2. Aadhar Card (or any other address proof), and
  3. Cancelled Cheque of the bank from where the investment will be made
Contribution Requirement for NPS Accounts:

KYC Status Lumpsum SIP
KYC valid Immediately after registration 10-15 working days from the day your mandate is sent for registration
KYC to be initiated 3-4 days from the day your KYC documents are sent for verification 10-15 working days from the day your mandate is sent for registration
No, Mutual funds do not permit third party investment. You have to either investment from your own bank account or from a joint account which can be held with any jointly with any other person
No, there are no charges for linking bank account for automated investments

Security & Safety

On making an investment, your money directly moves from your bank account to the fund account. Since it does not come to the CAGRfunds bank account at all, there is no security risk on your money. Additionally, our platform is certified as secured by SSL and McAfee. Also, all your account details are stored in an encrypted format such that no one has access to the same.
We have sufficient security measures to protect against unauthorized access or alteration to any of your information. All stored information is appropriately encrypted (including your password).
Well, we really hope that never happens! But in an event where you are unable to trace us, all you need is your folio number to track your investments. You can visit the individual websites of the AMCs, enter your folio number and track your investments. Alternatively, you can visit any of the AMC branches to track or redeem your investments.

Investment Process

Yes, you can. After you login, you can go to the “Invest” section and choose the funds you wish to invest in.
There are two ways in which you can invest through CAGRfunds:

  1. Net Banking – For all lump-sum purchases, you can invest using net banking
  2. One Time Mandate – While registration itself, we get your One Time Mandate registered. This enables you to invest in SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans) and lump-sum investments up to the mandate amount. Transacting through the mandate option saves you time as you do not need to go through the multiple steps of net banking.
  3. RTGS / NEFT – In certain select cases, you can make payment through NEFT / RTGS
  4. Cheque – You can also send us a cheque for purchasing your investments

You can get started with as low as Rs 500 for a SIP and Rs. 5000 for a one time lump-sum investment.
If the purchase is made online on our platform 2 pm then units will be allotted on the next day.
CAGRfunds does not charge any penalty for failed transactions, however your bank may charge you certain amount of money. For bounced SIPs, the banks usually charge Rs. 500- 600 per SIP failure.
Yes, you can redeem directly from the AMC by providing them with your folio number.
Lock in period varies from scheme to scheme. Most of the equity schemes do not have a lock in period (Except tax saving schemes which have a 3 year lock in period). You can reach out to us on if you wish to know about a particular scheme.
If you are unable to make payment for your SIP in a particular month, please email us on a week in advance. We can skip your SIP for the months that you request for. However, this service is available only for SIPs that are started online on our platform.
No, you need not. Your One Time Mandate will enable the SIP to be automatically deducted from your bank account every month