Are your employees making the most of their earnings?
Are they aware of the best tax saving investments?

Welcome to RISEWISE – an investor awareness session only for your employees. RISEWISE is our flagship initiative to spread awareness about why and how financial planning should be done.

Why is it needed?

Financial planning seems like a complicated subject to most. As a result, most of your employees would probably not be saving enough tax or might be leaving most of their savings in their bank account at low returns. A lot of them might be investing in instruments they don’t know fully about. But are they making the best use of their money?

Through RISEWISE we seek to talk to each of your employee and tell them what is best for them and their money.
  • Introduction to importance of financial planning
  • Introduction to Mutual funds, SIPs, Insurance and Goal based investing
  • Introduction to various tax saving instruments and NPS
  • Introduction to importance of asset allocation

Hear What They Say