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Our SIP Calculator will help you in two ways:
a) Know how much wealth you can generate by investing a particular amount every month (Choose the option "Pre-decided")
b) Know how much you need to invest every month to accumulate a certain corpus (Use "Goal Based")

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  • Pre-decided SIP Installment
  • Goal based Investing
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FAQs - SIP Investment Calculator

Investing in mutual funds through SIPs has multiple advantages, the most important of them being rupee cost averaging. This means that your cost of investing gets averaged out and you reduce the amount of pricing risk that you undertake by choosing to invest in equities. For getting a detailed understanding of benefits of investing through SIPs, read here
At CAGRfunds, we have a unique SIP Calculator. It not only helps you to ascertain the monthly amount that you need to invest in SIPs (monthly investment calculator) but also helps you ascertain how much corpus you end up creating (sip returns calculator).
To start using the calculator, choose your preference between "Pre-decided" and "Goal Based". Pre-decided: Enter the monthly investment amount that you wish to invest in SIPs and the tenure for which you want to continue. The future value is the approximate corpus you shall be able to create.
Goal Based: Use our Financial Goal Calculator to enter the goal corpus that you wish to create and the time when the goal is likely to happen
Our SIP Investment Calculator helps you plan for your financial goals. It tells you how much you need to invest in SIPs every month and how much corpus will that generate. Knowing this kind of information helps you to develop a perspective for long term investments. Once you develop a mindset for continuing SIPs for the long term, it helps you create a huge corpus.