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We know every client personally. That is because we first talk to you to understand your financial goals and then provide personalized investment advice to you. We therefore are not just a DIY (Do it Yourself) platform. We are for people who need an online financial planning advisor.

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We help you take the right financial decisions

How much should be your SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) amount?
What funds should you invest in to build wealth ?
What should be your asset allocation?
Well, do not worry about financial decisions. Because our online investment advisors plan everything out for you.
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We take care of your portfolio

Periodical review of portfolio is important to ensure that your portfolio is in sync with your financial goals, risk profile and preferences. Market fluctuations and volatility lead to changes in your asset allocations. Or, may be one of your funds is not the right fund for you anymore.
At CAGRfunds, our mutual fund advisors do a periodic review of all our client portfolio. We recommend actions for asset reallocations and portfolio rebalancing. This ensures that you are optimally invested, at all times.

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We are not techies, but we are good with money and finances

Our team of experts consists of Chartered Accountants (CAs) and Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs). With a hard-core financial background, they perhaps understand your money better than anybody else. Look no further for a financial planning advisor!

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We give you the quickest way to invest

Invest in 15 seconds with our pre - filled portfolios, custom designed for you! So once you are ready to invest, 15 seconds is all you need!
We do the rest.

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let you track your money anytime, anywhere

Being able to see your money in front of you is a good thing. So at CAGRfunds, you get your own dashboard to track your investments. See your money working right in front of you.

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We provide the most relevant and comprehensive reports

Know everything you should know. Transaction history, annual return, tax implication – all at one place, simplified just for you!

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