Child Education Fund Calculator

You surely want to give the best education to your child. But it is getting costlier every year. Start investing and build your child’s education fund now. Let us know a few details
Age of your child.
What do you want to plan for : GraduationPost Graduation
What do you think is the current cost of

FAQs - Child Education Fund Calculator

There are multiple reasons why planning for child’s education well in advance is a step we must take.
> Education expenses are rising at a double digit rate in India.
> Pre-school and Schooling education fees have also risen at astronomical rates, leading to parents being unprepared to meet the sudden expenses.
> The child might choose to go for education outside of India which may not work out unless the parents plan for the expenses much in advance.
Hence cost planning for child’s education is one of the financial goals that you must plan for.
You need to have some degree of clarity on the following aspects to start financial planning for your child’s education
> What are the various education milestones that are yet to occur in your child’s life
> In which years will the cost implication arise
> Will the child pursue graduation / post graduation in India or abroad
> What kind of expenses would have occured now if your child was to pursue each of the milestones identified above Once you have gained clarity for the above, use our Child Education Plan Calculator to know how much should you start saving to fund the future education fees.
We have designed a fairly simple calculator to help you plan your child’s education expenses. Just follow the following steps:
> Input your child’s age
> Input what do you want to plan for - Graduation or Post-Graduation
> Input your estimation of how much would the course cost you today (Assume your child was to pursue graduation or post-graduation today)
The output tells you how much corpus do you need to create for funding the education expenses and how much should you start saving NOW on a monthly basis to ensure that the corpus is created.