About us

CAGRfunds helps you find solutions to your financial problems by simplifying investing for you. We understand that you are unique and so are your needs. Hence we engage with you in a way that is personalized, ethical, unbiased and convenient for you. We first talk to you to understand your requirements and we then tell you what is right for you. Our aim is to help you take the right financial decisions to achieve your goals and dreams and hence we walk with you throughout your investment journey.


Our team is a set of young people with a good pedigree. Over the years they have met and spoken to thousands of people who struggle to take the right financial decisions. And that is what makes them passionate about delivering a world class investing experience to you.

Core Team

  • Vikash Agarwal
    Vikash Agarwal
  • Kshitiz Jain
    Kshitiz Jain
  • Shruti Agarwal
    Shruti Agarwal
  • Siddharth Jain
    Siddharth Jain
  • Ankita Singhania
    Ankita Singhania

Client Relationship Team

  • Ravindra Pawar
    Ravindra Pawar
  • Rutika Vasa
    Rutika Vasa
  • Jairaj Surve
    Jairaj Surve

Operations and Support Team

  • Abhishek Thakur
    Abhishek Thakur
  • Roshan Sahu
    Roshan Sahu