Bazaar Ki Baat – Apr 2023

Bazaar Ki Baat is a compilation of monthly market & sector update together with relevant events / occurrences in the economy and personal finance world.

In this month’s edition of “Bazaar ki baat”, our Founders Shruti Agrawal, CFA ,  Kshitiz Jain, CFA, FRM and Vikash Agarwal , CFA discuss the sharp rally in April, Investors lack the skill to sell and how debt funds score over FDs even after removal of indexation benefits.

Below are the various topics discussed with their timestamp, so that you can directly jump to the section you like to watch.

• 00:00 – Monthly performance of the Indian stock market

• 04:55 – Sector performance – Rate sensitives rule

• 07:57 – Investors have the skill to buy, but lack the skill to sell

• 14:27 – How debt funds score over FDs even after the removal of indexation benefits.

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