How are CAGR’s lawyer clients successfully managing to stay on top of their finances?

Lawyers are known to have extremely busy lives. With multiple cases lined up across various locations, most of their time is spent either travelling or reading tons and tons of case laws. This leaves them with very little or no time to manage their wealth. As a result, a large sum of money is almost always lying in the bank or traditional investment products such as Fixed Deposits.

How do these lawyers then stay on top of their finances?

At CAGR, we spoke to several lawyers to get their view on this subject. We received some interesting insights about professionals who are extremely busy with their work and have little time to spend on growing their wealth.

  • Nature of work is such that it demands substantial amount of time to be spent on professional requirements
  • Have some knowledge about financial assets such as mutual funds, but have little time to spend researching on the same
  • Automated digital platforms to start investing are convenient, especially if transaction time is reduced to a few seconds
  • Have an extremely high need for developing a trust based relationship with their financial planner who can cater to their queries and requests real time

With several lawyers as our clients, we have experienced the enough elements time and again. And delivering on requirements such as above has been the DNA of CAGR’s offering. In our view, lawyers need a good mix of hand holding and quick processing. Neither do they have the time to research on various investment instruments, nor do they want to spend time in transaction formalities. A trustworthy and seamless investment experience is a core requirement. In addition, every now and then we have received a Whatsapp message with a quick query about a lesser known investment instrument and a quick take on whether the concerned client should invest in the same. In our experience with lawyers, a seamless digital platform is only a hygiene factor. The reason our clients have loved us so far is because of the customized and hybrid model that we offer. Anytime Anywhere – Let us Grow Together!

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