The CAGR team has ensured that my money is always invested in the best funds

I have been earning, since I was quite young. Since, I was living at home at that time, I started investing in mutual funds. My mother then told me the basic mechanics of it, which I understood. But I never had the bandwidth to get into the real details. At that time the mutual fund market was beginning to sky rocket. I entrusted the money to be invested at a major International bank, the same bank my mother banked at.

After a period of interest that I had at the beginning, I really stopped tracking my investments. My relationship managers changed often. Periodically they would let me know that my wealth was x amount, or that the recession was hitting and would affect investments. But I just went with what they were recommending. In any case, my attention was diverted to my MBA, my first job. Any surplus monies was going to be used to pay back my education loan.

One day after my education loan was over, I went back to the bank and asked them what I should do with my surplus money. They recommended some investments, and I continued investing with them. I had some trepidation this time around, because many many relationship managers had changed hands over the years. And the advice they gave me didn’t quite fit in with how I understood the financial market worked.

It just so happened that around that time a colleague of mine introduced to CAGRfunds. I met the two of the founders, and told them about my past investments. They were a small team, and I felt no harm in sending my portfolio and getting it audited for free.

When I received the details from them, I realized that the annual return of my investments at the bank was something near 6-7%, not at all what I expected (I was receiving more than that in fixed deposits!). CAGR also pointed out that I was invested in a lot of thematic funds which were doing well when I invested in them, but had been languishing in the years post that.

I took this information back to the bank and they told me something that shook my confidence in them. To my shock I realized that none of them were tracking it. Later, I understood that banks are interested in getting you to invest, but not in managing your portfolio after the investment was made.

I quickly realized that I needed someone who looked into the portfolio regularly. I asked the team at CAGR to figure out a new investment plan for my surplus cash.

They came back quite quickly with a clear plan of action. I started small, but over a period of time have invested regularly with them. They keep in touch with me quite often, poking and nudging me when I’m ignoring my investments. They give me sound and sensible advice, and reviewing my portfolio periodically. I especially like the fact that they take care to explain the logic to me point by point, even when I’m asking ridiculous questions. I’ve been a CAGR client for 18 months now, and the portfolio with them has far exceeded my expectation from the market, and has left my investments at the multinational bank in the dust.

Since that time, I’ve also recommended CAGR to several people. One of them a close friend of mine was given the financial advice not to invest, and pursue her dreams to study abroad. They created a robust financial plan for her, despite the fact that their advice meant that they earned nothing in the process. I was convinced the people at this company were not after short term financial gain, but rather genuinely had their clients’ best interests at heart.

I would whole heartedly recommend CAGR to any investor. Whether you’re savvy and have everything figured out, or are just a beginner, these guys are the guys to work with for your investment needs. If you believe that the foundation for a company taking care of your investments is trust and empathetic understanding, and CAGR is the place to take your worries too.

Story has been contributed by Ronaan Roy who has been a CAGR client since January 2016. Ronaan is an MBA graduate from IIM – Indore. 

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