Our Investment Experts Cater To The Minutest Of Queries

This post is quite close to our hearts. Because in many ways, it defines who we are.

Let us talk about two recent examples.

Example 1

The other day, we met a 35-year-old salaried individual who had not started investing yet. He knew it was high time he should start deploying his surplus money to better use, but who has the time with a 12-hour job! While we were discussing his financial goals, he gave us a pile of 5 booklets (call them policies). And he smiled and said – “Can you please go through them and tell me what to do?”

And so we did. We not only analyzed the policies for him, we ended up giving him some useful advice, based on our expertise.

So, trust us when we say we go beyond our job description, to help clear those small doubts in your head, which you never ask or share with others!

Example 2

A month back, we met a 22-year-old female who wanted to start saving. It was a usual savings-discussion we were having when she mentioned, how she had no idea about what her tax liability would be that year.

This was of concern because she had just received her salary slip where tax had been deducted for the very first time. She asked if we could help her. And there we were, helping her calculate her tax.

The point we are trying to make is – we are always there for you.

We can never promise to do just everything for you, but if it is within our realm of possibility and knowledge, then we go all out to help you.

You must be thinking why on Earth do we do it? Well, we believe in getting married to our clients. We are not just a platform where you can begin investing or a set of people who will list out 3 funds to invest in.

We are a bunch of financial experts who treat our clients like family. And we do that in our style!

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How CAGRfunds Makes Investing Simple For You

How CAGRfunds decodes the complexity of financial planning for you?

When we first started this business, we went out to talk to our friends about what they thought about investing and financial planning. May we say, we were surprised with the kind of responses we got?

While some of them knew bits and pieces of what financial planning means, most of them were upfront about why they never thought about it. Or rather, thought about it but kept on delaying any action. It was just too complex. That is when we decided to keep investing simple. Whether it was the concepts, the terminology, the planning or the transactions, we were absolutely sure that everything about financial planning needs to be simple.

So we started spending time with every such person we met. Our conversation never started from “How much do you want to invest?” We almost always just asked, “What do you do with your salary or earnings?” As we got answers to what people did with their earnings, we asked more questions, and then more answers. We think we are very good listeners. So that helps us to understand how best we can simplify your finances for you. And thus started the journey of decoding or let us say de-jargonizing the process of financial planning.

Likewise, we never get into terms like CAGR, ROI, risk profile, net worth etc. At CAGRfunds, we believe that there is always a simple layman-way of explaining things. So we generally pick up situations from your life to explain every relevant term to you. For example, if you are an entrepreneur and are wondering how risky will equity mutual funds be, we will perhaps take instances of how you set up your company to give you a sense of what risk in equity means.

Being able to de-jargonize and break down financial planning into simple concepts has helped us a lot in connecting with people who have limited understanding of finance and numbers or who are unable to take the right decisions about managing their money. And hence, we love to interact with people.

If you are one of them who wants to grow their wealth but is confused about how to go about it, maybe you should befriend us. We don’t charge you for a conversation, so no harm giving it a try!!

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Mutual funds investing with CAGR has been a delight

A few years back I met my cousin and we were discussing how I should be deploying my recently started salary inflow. That was the first time I came across the term “Mutual funds”. I was never a finance person and never intended to be one. My uncle told me that I could do anything with my money but not invest them in mutual funds. He apparently had a 2 year experience with equity mutual funds and he had faced a significant loss on that front. So he was pretty much convinced that mutual funds were risky and had the potential of eroding away all your hard earned money. And so was I.

I met the CAGR team through a common friend. And trust me, I had no intentions of investing in any risky instrument ever. I was quite amused when I told them this and they responded by saying “Absolutely, you shouldn’t”. They asked me why I was so averse to mutual funds and I told them the short story that I just told you. They asked me to spend 30mins with them and they promised, they won’t sell anything to me.

So the next day, we met at one of the Bandra CCDs and thus started the myth breaking chain for me! Following are the facts that they exposed me to that day:

  1. Every investor has a certain “risk appetite”. If you love sky diving and have traded in stocks in the past, you certainly have the willingness to take some risk.
  2. Risk is not same as loss. If something is risky, it does not mean it will result in sure shot loss. You would not have been reading this if you have tried sky diving and if risk meant loss.
  3. Risk means a probability of losing money under a certain set of circumstances
  4. There are no free lunches in life. You cannot create a huge amount of wealth from banks / people / institutions who promise you a certain return, because guarantee for anything in life comes at a premium. And forgoing higher returns is the premium you pay for the guarantee you seek.
  5. Mutual funds have both equity and debt asset classes. So if you are a low risk investor who wants cannot witness some volatility in the investment from time to time, then you should restrict yourself to debt mutual funds and settle with lower returns
  6. But, if you can invest a certain fixed amount every month (SIP), let it stay invested for more than 3-5 years, witness some volatility from time to time and exit when markets are on an upswing (rather than panicking and booking profit during correction), then you can invest in a portfolio of equity funds.

It was a good half an hour knowledge session about various categories of funds, concepts such as asset allocation, risk profile, risk-return trade off and so on. They did not sell me anything, yet I was sold to their knowledge and the time they invested on me. I therefore expressed my interest to start and they suggested that I should start with a small amount to first gain conviction. Conviction not about good returns (that can only be evaluated over the long term) but how SIPs are a good way to start saving and creating wealth.

I am now a loyal CAGR client. I started with multiple SIPs as well as switched to tax saving mutual funds to save taxes.

I like the CAGR team not just for their consultative approach, but also for how they have designed their online platform. I invest my money in just two clicks and the dashboard is so informative that it gives you all the information you need as well as skips any unwarranted information. Very clean, simple, tidy without any information clutter. For someone like me with no financial knowledge, the DIY mode makes really easy for me to invest my money in mutual funds without any handholding / assistance from anyone else.

P.S. – I love the additions they make on their blogs. I feel a lot more in control of my money now!

Story has been contributed by Puneet Kochale who has been a CAGR client since January 2017. Puneet is an MBA graduate from FMS – Delhi. 

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The CAGR team has ensured that my money is always invested in the best funds

I have been earning, since I was quite young. Since, I was living at home at that time, I started investing in mutual funds. My mother then told me the basic mechanics of it, which I understood. But I never had the bandwidth to get into the real details. At that time the mutual fund market was beginning to sky rocket. I entrusted the money to be invested at a major International bank, the same bank my mother banked at.

After a period of interest that I had at the beginning, I really stopped tracking my investments. My relationship managers changed often. Periodically they would let me know that my wealth was x amount, or that the recession was hitting and would affect investments. But I just went with what they were recommending. In any case, my attention was diverted to my MBA, my first job. Any surplus monies was going to be used to pay back my education loan.

One day after my education loan was over, I went back to the bank and asked them what I should do with my surplus money. They recommended some investments, and I continued investing with them. I had some trepidation this time around, because many many relationship managers had changed hands over the years. And the advice they gave me didn’t quite fit in with how I understood the financial market worked.

It just so happened that around that time a colleague of mine introduced to CAGRfunds. I met the two of the founders, and told them about my past investments. They were a small team, and I felt no harm in sending my portfolio and getting it audited for free.

When I received the details from them, I realized that the annual return of my investments at the bank was something near 6-7%, not at all what I expected (I was receiving more than that in fixed deposits!). CAGR also pointed out that I was invested in a lot of thematic funds which were doing well when I invested in them, but had been languishing in the years post that.

I took this information back to the bank and they told me something that shook my confidence in them. To my shock I realized that none of them were tracking it. Later, I understood that banks are interested in getting you to invest, but not in managing your portfolio after the investment was made.

I quickly realized that I needed someone who looked into the portfolio regularly. I asked the team at CAGR to figure out a new investment plan for my surplus cash.

They came back quite quickly with a clear plan of action. I started small, but over a period of time have invested regularly with them. They keep in touch with me quite often, poking and nudging me when I’m ignoring my investments. They give me sound and sensible advice, and reviewing my portfolio periodically. I especially like the fact that they take care to explain the logic to me point by point, even when I’m asking ridiculous questions. I’ve been a CAGR client for 18 months now, and the portfolio with them has far exceeded my expectation from the market, and has left my investments at the multinational bank in the dust.

Since that time, I’ve also recommended CAGR to several people. One of them a close friend of mine was given the financial advice not to invest, and pursue her dreams to study abroad. They created a robust financial plan for her, despite the fact that their advice meant that they earned nothing in the process. I was convinced the people at this company were not after short term financial gain, but rather genuinely had their clients’ best interests at heart.

I would whole heartedly recommend CAGR to any investor. Whether you’re savvy and have everything figured out, or are just a beginner, these guys are the guys to work with for your investment needs. If you believe that the foundation for a company taking care of your investments is trust and empathetic understanding, and CAGR is the place to take your worries too.

Story has been contributed by Ronaan Roy who has been a CAGR client since January 2016. Ronaan is an MBA graduate from IIM – Indore. 

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