CAGR Insights – 26 May 2023

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Here’s the list of curated readings for you this week:

Personal Finance 

  • If you can’t catch ’em, join their Signal groups first, feels Sebi – Market’s regulator Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) is using the oldest trick in policing book to catch new-age crooks on encrypted messaging platforms, said two people with direct knowledge of the matter. Read here 
  • Expectation’s debt – What do you call the top-of-the-world status Amazon had in 2021? Was it a gift? A reward for hard work? The natural swings of capitalism? Read here
  • Shruti shares her experience with clients and their investment journey Read here 
  • Which MF categories will be affected by SEBI’s TER proposals – Fisdom Research put out a report on the Sebi expense ratio paper? Where will the axe fall? What will get cheaper? Read here 


  • The Great Disconnect between how aspirants learn from the best in normal domains vs in stock markets. Read here 
  • Investors Should Sell All Midcaps in India – Investors should consider selling mid-cap stocks, as a lack of liquidity is unhealthy for the sector, according to JPMorgan’s Sanjay Mookim. Read here 
  • 4 Insights from Rajeev Thakkar – Chief Investment Officer of PPFAS Mutual Fund, shares his insights over Parag Parikh Flexi Cap on completing 10 years. Read here 
  • Rainbow Children’s Medicare Limited – Read about India’s leading paediatric and obstetrics hospital chain and have a peek at our investment thought process. Read here 


  • Impact on liquidity due to RBI transfer – While RBI’s liquidity framework entails managing weighted average overnight rate, there appears to be an implicit element of ‘tough love’ at play. Read here 
  • Go First bankruptcy – a test of whether the country is ready to rebalance creditors’ rights and shareholders’ privilege. Read here 

  • Worsening expectations regarding a possible default would make significant disruptions in financial markets – If the debt ceiling binds, and the U.S. Treasury does not have the ability to pay its obligations, the negative economic effects would quickly mount and risk triggering a deep recession. Read here 


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