CAGR Insights – 11 Nov 2022

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Personal Finance

  • Passive funds have been gaining popularity among investors. AMFI monthly data shows that passive funds have overtaken active funds in terms of net inflows. The data shows that passive funds have received monthly inflows of Rs.10,260 crore during October 2022 which was higher than that of active funds. Read here
  • More wealth means more alternative investment? –  This divergence of capital away from traditional asset classes like stocks and bonds and towards alternatives (i.e. private equity, hedge funds, etc.) seems to be positively correlated with the amount of wealth that someone has. Read here
  • Centre mulling changes to capital gains tax regime – Parity within asset classes will be a key consideration in the review that may even consider changes in the tax rate. See here.
  • Rewriting is the key to improved thinking- Obviously, revising is hard work. It demands that you put yourself through the wringer, intellectually and emotionally, to squeeze out the best you can offer.Read here.


  • State Guaranteed bonds are not all safe – What are the chances of a State Government guaranteed bond defaulting? There have been defaults of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab and Orissa state PSU bonds defaulting early in this millennium (especially during 2000-2002). The bonds have been restructured and subsequently honored, but the chances of defaults occurring again should not be ignored, even if possibility of default is low. Read here.
  • The most important skill in finance has nothing to do with math.- It’s no coincidence that most of the all-time great investors — Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Howard Marks, Peter Lynch, etc. — had the innate ability to explain their investment process in a way that everyone could understand it. Read here.
  • Sequoia marks down crypto exchange FTX investment to zero- We are reaching out to share an update on our investment in FTX. In recent days, a liquidity crunch has created solvency risk for FTX. The full nature and extent of this risk is not known at this time. Based on our current understanding, we are marking our investment down to $0  Read here.


  • U.S. inflation turning the corner – U.S. consumer prices rose less than expected in October, pushing the annual increase below 8% for the first time in eight months, the strongest signs yet that inflation was slowing, which would allow the Federal Reserve to scale back its hefty interest rate hikes. Read here.
  • How Bangladesh went from an economic miracle to needing IMF help – So the country’s economic health largely rests on those three things — exports, remittances and fuel prices — all of which have taken a hit in recent months. Read here.
  • India may adopt 2013 formula to deal with Europe on clearing corporations – India’s financial market regulators — the RBI and SEBI in Mumbai and IFSC, which regulates GIFT City trades — don’t want the European Securities and Market Authority (ESMA) to have the power to monitor, supervise or audit Indian clearing corporations (CCs. Read here.

CAGR Speak

  • So, why does everyone emphasize on starting to invest early? Read here.
  • Interesting read – CFA society India insights – Sep 2022 covers the society’s comments on recent SEBI consultation paper. Our co-founder has worked on the papers as part of CFA’s Research and Advocacy committee.  Read here.


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