CAGR Insights – 18 Nov 2022

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Personal Finance

  • The secrets of stealth wealth. Stealth Wealth is essentially all about having more control over your life and your finances and being able to do what you want when you want. Contrary to popular belief, stealth wealth is not just for millionaires. Anyone can live a stealth wealth lifestyle if they know how.Read here
  • Why PPFAS Mutual Fund continues to hold Alphabet, Microsoft, Amazon and Meta stocks? – The chief investment officer at the fund house said investing in international stocks is to lower the country-specific volatility and to find opportunities to invest in companies that are otherwise not available in India; and not necessarily to maximize returns. See here.
  • This would be a good step by SEBI for investor protection- The Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) on Thursday said it is working on a set of guidelines for financial influencers, or finfluencers, giving unsolicited financial advice on social media platforms.Read here.


  • Best investment strategy methods in the world – Quality investing is one of the best investment methods in the world. Since 2010, this investment strategy returned more than 18% (!) per year to shareholders. Read twitter thread here.
  • Boring is beautiful in investing – Successful investing should be boring. It should be long-term in nature. It requires patience and discipline and the ability to ignore the madness of the crowds. But you can’t brag about boring to your friends and co-workers.Read here.


  • India’s retail inflation eases to 3-month low – India’s retail inflation eased sharply to 6.77 per cent on an annual basis in the month of October from 7.41 per cent in September, 2022. But core inflation remains sticky. Read here.
  • Bank credit to grow ~15% in this and next fiscals- Bank credit is seen growing ~15% per annum in fiscals 2023 and 2024, riding on broad-based economic recovery and stronger, cleaner balance sheets that allow lenders to expand credit.Read here.

CAGR Speak

  • Global wealth equity study finds that women attain just 74% of men’s wealth on retirement. The range across countries analyzed varied from 60% to 90%. Read here.
  • An exciting development in the Indian Government bond market. Read here.


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