CAGR Insights – 03 Nov 2022

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Monthly Market update – Oct 2022

The Indian equity indices staged a strong rebound in October with the blue – chip S&P BSE SENSEX rising 5.9% and NIFTY 50 rising 5.4% in October.

Although the bullish sentiment was widespread, smaller companies lagged their larger peers; the S&P BSE SmallCap clocked up a relatively demure 1.3% gain. The rise has been on the back of strong corporate earnings reports and hopes of a less-hawkish stance from major central banks.

Among sectors, Energy and Banking sectors were the best performing sectors, while the FMCG and consumer durables were the two laggards

Our Co-founders discuss about the share bazaar for the month of Oct, what went well and what should investors NOT be doing! Watch the video here.

Here’s the list of curated readings for you this week:

Personal Finance

  • The Present Defines the Past- Whatever you’re thinking right now, you have to realize that you’re being biased by current events. The present is redefining your past.Read here.
  • SEBI has reduced the Face Value and trading lot for debt – SEBI has reduced the Face Value and trading lot for debt securities issued on private placement basis to 1 lakh from 10 lakhs. This is a welcome step to make debt securities accessible to retail investors. Read here
  • Demystifying: Top-Up Plan Vs A Super Top-Up Health Insurance Plan, Which Is Better?– Whether you should buy a top-up or a super top-up plan should depend on your medical requirement. Ideally, one should weigh all pros and cons before investing in any such plan. Read here
  • Underpenetrated equity markets in India- Its still 7% of the population. See such data and some more on this link by Abakkus investment.  See here.


  • Minimizing Drawdown Lay the Foundation to Quick Recovery– Many investors mistakenly base the success of their portfolios on returns alone. However, it is equally important to consider the risk involved in achieving those returns. Read here.
  • Indians just love gold – India’s gold demand jumped 14% on year to 191.7 tn in the September quarter, as retail investors responded to the drop in prices and weakness in equity markets, the World Gold Council said in its Gold Demand Trends report. Read here.
  • The Dhanlaxmi bank fiasco- The bank’s share price has crashed by 93% since 2010. It’s almost a penny stock now (below ₹10). And few days back, the shareholders had enough.  Read here.


  • Powell Sees Higher Peak for Rates, Path to Slow Tempo of Hikes- The Federal Reserve raised interest rates by three-quarters of a percentage point again on Wednesday and said its battle against inflation will require borrowing costs to rise further, yet signaled it may be nearing an inflection point in what has become the swiftest tightening of U.S. monetary policy in 40 years. Read here.
  • India has the potential to drive a fifth of the global growth over the next decade, with market capitalization likely to grow by over 11% annually to $10 trillion, according to global investment bank Morgan Stanley.Read here.
  • Foreigners Turn Sellers of India Bonds on Index Disappointment – Global funds sold 24.4 billion rupees ($295 million) of index-eligible Indian sovereign bonds in October after JPMorgan Chase & Co. refrained from including the debt in its gauge. Read here.

CAGR Speak

  • Happy to share that we currently have clients from 230 locations in India.  Read here.
  • “Some of our corporate records are not traceable.” Said a company in DHRP. Read here.
  • Shruti shares her learning from moderating CFA Society India workshop in Mumbai on Family Offices. Read here.


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