CAGR Insights – 02 Feb 2024

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Chart Ki Baat


Bazaar Ki Baat

In the 16th edition of “Bazaar ki baat”, we discuss 2 special topics
(i) Why do bond markets love this budget?
(ii) How to save taxes using presumptive taxation?
Watch here.

Here’s the list of curated readings for you this week:

Personal Finance

  • Learning Life and Investing Lessons – The article narrates the author’s experience with a mentor who was a full-time gambler and conviction investor. Despite their differences, the mentor’s teachings left a lasting impact on his life.  Read here.

  • Zudio’s Winning Formula – Revolutionizing Fashion for the Masses Through Strategic Pricing, Franchise Model, and Word of Mouth Magic. Read here.

  • Navigating the Nuances of Money – The intricate dynamics of spending money—whether as a tool for a better life or a yardstick for status reflects the complexity of individual aspirations, psychological wounds, and the challenge of navigating desires beyond basic needs.  Read here.


  • Navigating the Performance Pressure Paradox – The article discusses the intense pressure on fund managers to chase high-flying stocks like NVIDIA, particularly in the context of benchmarking and emphasizing the potential risks of such behaviour. Read here.

  • Unveiling the Strategies for Consistent Compound Growth – In the challenging landscape of retailing, successful companies like Trent leverage product relevance, high inventory turnover, and strategic reinvestment to achieve consistent compound growth. Read here.

  • Positive Outlook for Bond Markets – The bond market anticipates an unaltered net market borrowing for FY25. Read here.

  • Impact of RBI’s Restrictions on Paytm – RBI’s strict restrictions on Paytm Payments Bank pose potential risks for lenders using FinTech-led sourcing models, impacting incremental disbursements. Read here.

  • Japan’s Increased Investor Interest towards India – India’s equity-focused investment trusts in Japan experienced an 11% growth in total assets in January, signaling investor interest in Indian stocks as a promising emerging market, outpacing inflows into Chinese. Read here.


  • Small Finance Banks Triumph – SBFs in India have overcome numerous challenges, including the impact of COVID-19, to achieve remarkable growth, diversify their services, and emerge as strong contenders in the financial sector. Read here.

  • Google’s Move to Phase Out Third-Party Cookies Raises Privacy Concerns – Google’s decision has advertisers seeking alternatives while awaiting approval from regulatory authorities, raising uncertainties about the future landscape of online advertising. Read here.

  • India’s Strategies for Narrowing Trade Deficit – India’s efforts to reduce its trade deficit involve a focus on domestic manufacturing, supported by initiatives like PLI and PM Gati Shakti Mission, while the rise in services exports, particularly in the IT sector, contributes to the overall growth in exports. Read here.


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