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Corporate NPS is a great tool to save tax and systematically invest towards your retirement kitty!

Some companies offer you to have a part of your basic salary invested towards NPS. This is called Corporate NPS.
The contribution goes towards the same NPS kitty where you make your voluntary contributions but the tax benefit is additional.
The good part is that this tax deduction is available under the new tax regime as well.

So if your company offers this benefit, do consider opting for it.

Here’s the list of curated readings for you this week:

Personal Finance

  • Unravelling the Hunt for Silver – The article analogizes the infamous Hunt brothers’ silver market manipulation in the 1970s with recent commodity speculation, highlighting similarities and lessons for contemporary investors.  Read here.

  • The power of compounding over a long runway – Buffett’s philosophy advises against unnecessary interruptions, advocates for low-cost index investing, and encourages starting savings early for future wealth accumulation. Watch here.

  • Navigating the Paytm Bank crisis – Safeguarding investments and understanding the impact on financial transactions. Read here.

  • SEBI Takes Action Against Market Experts – SEBI orders 15 guest experts from Zee Business to repay Rs 7.41 crore in “unlawful gains” made by advising opposite market positions. Read here.


  • Detecting Alarm Bells: Insights from Forensic Accounting Expert – In the Midst of a Booming Market, Forensic Accounting Specialist Ashwini Damani Shares Strategies for Identifying Warning Signs.  Read here.

  • Cryptocurrency Surge and Regulatory Oversight – Cryptocurrency markets, notably Bitcoin and Ethereum, saw a significant resurgence in late 2023 attributed to a climb in market capitalization, while regulators aim to regulate stablecoin issuance. Read here.

  • Investing in Turnaround Microcap Companies – The article draws parallels between investing in microcap companies and owning used cars, emphasizing the importance of identifying companies with solvable problems and capable management. Read here.


  • India’s Interim Budget Signals Solid Macroeconomic Stability – potentially leading to increased private sector investment, enhanced bond market performance, and implications for RBI’s monetary policy adjustments amidst comfortable inflation levels. Read here.

  • The Complex Dynamics of India’s North-South Economic Divide – The article highlights the economic disparities driving migration from impoverished northern and eastern regions to developed southern states, leading to political tensions and debates over tax distribution and population criteria. Read here.


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