Bazaar Ki Baat – May 2023

Bazaar Ki Baat is a compilation of monthly market & sector update together with relevant events / occurrences in the economy and personal finance world.

In the 8th edition of “Bazaar ki baat”, we discuss the transformational changes in India over the last decade, Q4FY23 Earnings review, how have the earnings grown across sectors over the years, and Term Insurance – ideal cover and ideal age.

Below are the various topics discussed with their timestamp, so that you can directly jump to the section you like to watch.

• 00:00 – Monthly performance of market – Transformational decade
for India

• 05:54 – Sector performance – Earnings driven

• 05:54 – How did India Inc. fare in Q4FY23?

• 11:00 – Insights from the Historical earnings performance of
various sectors

• 14:31 – Term Insurance – what is the ideal cover and ideal age of the cover.

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