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An Indian spacecraft became the first to land on the rugged, unexplored south pole of the moon


Gyaan Ki Baat

When an investor sells units of an equity fund in the stock exchange or offers them for repurchase to the fund, he will have to incur Securities Transaction Tax (STT) i.e., STT is applicable only on redemption/switch to other schemes/sale of units of equity oriented mutual funds whether sold on stock exchange or otherwise. STT is not applicable on purchase of units of an equity scheme. It is also not applicable to transactions in debt securities or debt mutual fund schemes. The applicable rate of STT is 0.001%.

Here’s the list of curated readings for you this week:

Personal Finance

  • Intelligent vs Smart – If you’re merely intelligent, you might focus all of your effort on finding precise truth. If you’re smart, you’ll focus just as much effort on delivering an effective message around that truth, realizing that the most powerful truth does no good if you can’t get people to pay attention to it. Read here

  • India’s Rising Prosperity – Prime Minister writes on LinkedIn analysing the ITR data.  Read here

  • Mutual Funds investor might have to pay extra for direct plans after SEBI’s this decision- Direct plan expenses should be defined by actual expenses incurred, and not by how much brokerage is paid in regular plans. Read here.

  • Small Savings Collection Boost Could Reduce Government Borrowings This Fiscal – Top contributors to government’s savings have been the Senior Citizen Savings Scheme and the newly launched Mahila Samman Patra. Read here.


  • What is momentum and why does it persists? – For a momentum factor practitioner like us, Mr Wesley Gray of Alpha Architect is one of the must-reads for understanding the academic roots of factor investing from a practitioner standpoint and even more importantly in debunking the myths which surround momentum investing. Read here.

  • Q1 Results Review: Earnings growth continues even as revenue slows; margins rescue The performance of India Inc. in the June quarter was highlighted by strong net profit growth with tepid rise in topline. Easing input costs supported margin expansion for most sectors during Q1FY24. Read here

  • SEBI Unravels How Brightcom Group Cooked Its Books – The Securities and Exchange Board of India’s interim order barred Chief Executive Officer Suresh Kumar Reddy and Chief Financial Officer Narayana Raju from company boards. The regulator also restrained 22 other entities, including investor Shankar Sharma, from disposing of the company’s shares. Read here


  • India inflation to return to comfort band once veg price shock ebbs – MPC’s Goyal- The spike in prices of items like tomatoes has been “unprecedented” but normally there is a seasonal softening in vegetables after a shock (price spike), said Ashima Goyal, an external member of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) committee, in an interview with Reuters late on Thursday. Read here.

  • Startups Riding Digital Infrastructure Could Transform Indian Economy- India emerged as the fourth-most popular destination for startups in the world in 2022, attracting 4.2% of global venture capital, behind the US (41%), mainland China (18%) and the UK (6%), according to S&P Global Market Intelligence. Read here.

  • The rise of Municipal bonds in India – 4 cities in UP are getting ready to launch something called municipal bonds. Kanpur, Prayagraj, Agra, and Varanasi want around ₹500 crores from the public. They want to improve their water supply facilities.Read here.


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