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Information Ratio

An assessment of portfolio returns above those of a benchmark, often an index, in relation to the volatility of such returns is called the information ratio (IR). It is a risk-adjusted measure of active management performance. Usually, an index that reflects the market, a specific sector, or an entire industry serves as the benchmark.
The IR is frequently used to gauge a portfolio manager’s level of expertise and capacity to produce excess returns in comparison to a benchmark; but, by including a standard deviation or tracking error, component in the calculation, it also makes an effort to determine the consistency of the performance.

Here’s the list of curated readings for you this week:

Personal Finance

  • The evolution of retirement – You also only have one shot at retirement planning. There are no mulligans. Leisure itself is still a relatively new concept for humanity that’s only been around for a few generations. Read here

  • Tracking Difference and Tracking Error: What Every Investor Needs to Know – In the replication process of Index, several practical challenges can prevent the passive fund from achieving the same return as the benchmark resulting in a slight deviation. These deviations in the returns are measured in terms of tracking difference & tracking error. Read here.

  • Phonepe forays into stockbroking – Discount broking app Share(dot)Market is available as a mobile app and a web platform. Read here.


  • Toys for Billionaires: Sports Franchises as Trophy Assets!-  In many ways, sports franchises are the ultimate trophy assets, since they are scarce and owning them not only allows you to live out your childhood dreams, but also gives you a chance to indulge your friends and family, with front-row seats and player introductions. Read here.

  • Identifying Multibaggers & Top Stocks & Sectors In Focus – Vijay Kedia – “If you find a theme, then stay invested,” Kedia said, advising investors to stay in a sunrise industry at any cost and stay out of a sunset industry at any cost. Watch here

  • STOIC Podcast with Prabhakar Kudva – Prabhakar Kudva is the co-founder and director at Samvitti Capital. He is a successful long-only growth investor. In this episode of Stoic Talks, we will delve deeper into his two separate investing buckets, stock selection, allocation process, and how he has built setups around structural tendencies like momentum, mean-reversion, smallcap, exhaustion etc that are present in the market. Watch here

  • Banks’ Margin Trajectory Sees Strain in Q1 as Deposits Cost Rise Sequentially – Net Interest Income (NII) of Scheduled Commercial Banks (SCBs) grew by 26.5% year-on-year (y-o-y) to Rs. 1.84 lakh crore in Q1FY24 due to healthy loan growth and a higher yield on advances over the year-ago period. Read here.


  • Ray Dalio’s country index highlights India’s upward trajectory – Billionaire investor and hedge fund manager Ray Dalio has foreseen India achieving a growth rate of roughly 7% over the succeeding 10 years. Read here.

  • Will Licence On PC Imports Harm IT Firms, GCCs Or Will Domestic Cos Swiftly Grab The Opportunity? – From Nov laptop, PC imports will need a licence. Will this harm IT cos, GCCs and business in general? Or will domestic cos swiftly grab the opportunity? Bain India’s M Chawla, Counterpoint’s Tarun Pathak, Nasscom’s A Aggarwal, Dixon’s S Gupta discuss with Latha Venkatesh. Watch here.

  • Why the rural economy isn’t out of the woods yet Despite a recent uptick in demand, the signs of stress in India’s hinterlands are hard to rub off. Read here.

  • India’s beach paradise Goa is overrun with digital nomads – Rents are up, startups are setting up all over the state, but locals can’t get jobs easily. Read here.


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