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Nifty Smallcap 10016,26316,509-1.49%

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Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita is a widely used measure of a country’s economic performance. It represents the average income generated per person in a nation within a specific time frame, typically a year. Calculated by dividing the total GDP of a country by its population, GDP per capita provides insights into the standard of living and economic well-being of individuals within a country. Higher GDP per capita generally indicates greater economic prosperity, access to goods and services, and overall quality of life. It serves as a key indicator for policymakers, economists, and analysts assessing a country’s economic development and growth trajectory.

Here’s the list of curated readings for you this week:

Personal Finance

  • Household Financial Concerns and Savings Decline in India – Household debt in India has surged to 40% of GDP. Financial stability reports highlight declining savings and increasing liabilities, signaling long-term economic challenges. Read here

  • India’s Growth Story: A Conversation with Mr. Sunil Singhania, CFA – The CFA Society India podcast features an insightful discussion on India’s growth story and parallels with China, emphasizing the nation’s potential as a global investment destination and the role of government policies and reforms in driving economic development and manufacturing growth. Watch


  • The Indispensability of Risk: Lessons from Chess, Investing, and Life – The memo draws parallels between risk-taking in investing and strategic decision-making in chess, emphasizing the indispensability of risk for potential rewards, but also cautioning against excessive risk without careful consideration. Read here

  • Affordable Housing at All-Time Low as Luxury Home Sales Surge – The article highlights a concerning trend in the Indian real estate market, where the share of affordable housing has hit an all-time low in Q1 2024, while luxury home sales are on the rise, particularly in the Delhi-NCR region particularly in the Delhi-NCR region. Read here

  • GIFT City: Transforming India’s Financial Landscape – The Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City) IFSC is emerging as a successful hub for offshore financial transactions, bolstering India’s vision of becoming a global financial and technology hub, with unified regulation and a focus on asset management, offering advantages like cost-effectiveness and a simplified registration process for funds and fund managers. Read here

  • Monetary Policy Review: RBI’s Stance and Market Perspectives – The Monetary Policy Review for April 2024 by the RBI highlighted global risks but emphasized India’s strong macroeconomic fundamentals, reassuring investors and focusing on liquidity provision and financial stability, while cautioning about reinvestment risk in fixed income markets. Read here


  • Oil Prices Fluctuate as Iranian Media Downplays Israeli Strikes – Oil prices initially surged above $90 a barrel on concerns over potential conflict in the Middle East following Israeli strikes, but pared gains as Iranian media downplayed the impact, with traders wary of supply risks amid escalating tensions. Read here

  • Morgan Stanley: No Rate Cuts Expected in India Amid Strong Growth Trends – Morgan Stanley predicts no rate cuts in India due to strong domestic growth trends and a change in the U.S. Fed rate path, expecting the key policy rate to remain steady at 6.5%.Read here

  • Fed Rate Hikes: Spurring US Economic Boom? – Some on Wall Street are suggesting that recent interest rate hikes in the US might actually be boosting the economy by providing Americans with increased income from bond investments and savings, contrary to traditional economic beliefs. Read here

  • Exploring the Semiconductor Industry – Insights into the global semiconductor industry, its value chain, market share, and India’s emerging role in semiconductor manufacturing. Read here

  • India Implements Measures to Meet Rising Electricity Demand – India mandates operation of underutilized gas-based power plants and extends operations of imported coal-based plants to meet rising electricity demand during the hot summer months. Read here


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