CAGR Insights – 17 Mar 23

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Nifty 5017,10017,412-1.79%
Nifty 50014,42114,679-1.76%
Nifty Midcap 50 8,4888,627-1.61%
Nifty Smallcap 1009,0959,326-2.48%

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Gyaan Ki Baat

The goal of an emergency fund is to cover emergencies and not generate higher returns. The fund helps you immensely to meet unplanned/unforeseen expenses without dipping into your long-term investments. Ideally, you can target 6-12 months of your expenses in emergency fund. An emergency fund is an investment allocation which should be liquid and accessible at any time.

If you are young or do not have lump sum allocation immediately you can build it via SIP (Systematic Investment Plan).

Here’s the list of curated readings for you this week:

Personal Finance

  • Mutual fund Ki Baat – In our journey as wealth managers over the last 8 years, slowly but steadily we have refined and codified our process to select Mutual funds. Read about our analysis of Mirae Emerging Bluechip fund through our checklist.  Read here.
  • Continue investing in duration – DSP MF – At this time, risks to yields rising are limited. We believe we are close to peak yields; thus risk/reward gravitates towards a long duration position. Read here.
  • India govt unlikely to roll back tax plan on high-value life insurance-sources – The government will, however, consider allowing these investments to be adjusted for inflation, also known as ‘indexation’, the official added. Read here.


  • The Echoes Haunting Big Tech – If the past is a guide, tech faces a long, bumpy road to recovery. Read here.
  • Masterclass on Factor Investing – All about factors, why they exist? Why they persist? How to analyze them? How to trade them etc. Watch here
  •  86% of the people around the world have a snack every day In this video, Raj Mehta gives an overview of the packaged foods industry of India as well as globally. He talks about various sub categories as well as the major players & their strategies. Watch here
  • Wait for a price, not a time – The best we can do is to ensure a prudent buy-price, but not hesitate to act once it is breached. Waiting for a price means looking stupid, waiting for a time means being stupid. Read here.


  • Bank credit to industry slumps – Credit to industry by scheduled commercial banks (SCBs) has fallen quite sharply between November 2022 to January 2023. This is in sharp contrast to the strong expansion in credit offtake by industry in the preceding four months. Read here.
  • Credit Suisse thrown $54 billion lifeline in rush to ward off global bank crisis – Credit Suisse is the first major global bank to be thrown an emergency lifeline since the 2008 financial crisis  Read here
  • Indian industries stock up on coal before summer crunch arrives – Industries in India, including metals producers and paper makers, are stockpiling coal to avert shortages during the summer, when heat-waves are expected to drive consumption of the country’s main power generation fuel. Read here

CAGR Speak

  • Investment in insurance policies is tax free if invested before 31st March 2023. Should you buy one? Let Shruti help you decide.Read here.


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