Why you need to reallocate your portfolio in volatile markets?

How often have we come across the terms risk profiling and portfolio asset allocation? Okay, before you stop reading any further, let us ask you another question.

Do you have that one person in your family who is a self – proclaimed doctor? That uncle who has no academic background of medicine yet has prescriptions for almost every disease that you can think of?

Well, investing in India is a little like that. Most of us google the mutual funds which have given the highest return in the last 1-3 years. At best, we look at the number of yellow stars beside the fund name. And that is all it takes to start our SIPs. But, just like every Bollywood movie, there is always a “but” before every happy ending. And in your investment journey, this but is about the two terms we mentioned at the top.

So, if you they felt unfamiliar to you, well you definitely need to read on.

We are all unique individuals. Every person earns a different amount of money and has a different structure of expenditure. Some of us want to buy a house early and some intend to defer for another 10 years. Some have to think about educating two kids and some have to think about educating themselves more. So basically, we all have very different and very unique financial objectives.

Therefore the objective of investing is not to be able to select the best funds but to be able to fulfill your financial objectives. You might have selected the mid cap fund which gave over 40% returns last year but if you are planning to fund your wedding next year and the stock markets choose to take some rest, well, you might as well be doomed.

And this is exactly what risk profiling and asset allocation helps you identify. At CAGRfunds, we help each of our investors to first establish their risk profile. This means how much risk you should take, how much you are willing to take, how much you require and how much you can actually take. Subsequently, we mutually establish your ideal asset allocation which simply means where you should be investing your money and in what split.

Stock markets change every day. And so do your investments. But your ideal allocation helps you achieve your objectives. However, it is possible that market volatility over short periods and trend movements over long periods can alter your actual allocation significantly. And there comes the need of adjusting your portfolio back to its ideal allocation (which can also change over time).

While a lot of us have started equity SIPs, we find very few manage their investments periodically with the discipline that is warranted of them. For some the task is too complex and for some, they simply do not have the time. Therefore, at CAGRfunds, our algorithms now evaluate every single portfolio to identify the need for any re-allocation adjustments. This is an extremely important analysis for any investment that you make. Simply because this ensures that you are prepared to fulfill your financial objective.

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