How does CAGRfunds charge zero to its customers?

At CAGRfunds, we help you to invest in “Regular Plans” of Mutual Funds. As such, we earn commissions from the AMCs (Asset Management Companies) based on the value of investments that we facilitate.  The commissions that we get are just one of the many components of the “Expense Ratios” of the funds. Since we get our revenues through commissions, we do not charge our clients anything.

Why we deserve what we earn?

First things first. There are no free lunches. So next time someone gives you free advice (for no consideration whatsoever) be extremely careful about betting your money on advice that has no ownership.

Expense ratios are essentially a part of earnings that are deployed towards fund expenses. Since our commissions are a part of it, we feel extremely responsible to add enough value to justify our revenues. Following is how we consistently add value to our clients:

Behavioural education – We believe that investing is more about your inherent behaviour and less about identifying the “best funds”. As normal people who are not rational at all points in time, we tend to take misguided decisions when it comes to money. Most investors often wonder when is the right time to sell as soon as markets start getting volatile. Therefore, we spend a huge amount of time educating our clients about various aspects of investing, inherent biases that they should be avoiding, the correct approach and the ideal way to plan. Throughout your investment journey, there will be times when you will need expert guidance about what action or decision they should take (A lot of our existing clients call us to ask if they should purchase XYZ policy that their bank RM has been pushing them for). And that is where we step in. So while, our very simple platform takes care of executing your transactions, we proactively take care of every small action that remains to be a humanised and personalized service. We strive to be the financial partners of our clients throughout their investment journey. We believe in being approachable and responsive to their requirements. Indeed, a human voice and a face to talk to always helps.

Customized fund recommendation – We understand that each person has different needs, objectives and preferences. Since we do not offer any standardized algorithms, our fund recommendation is purely customized to your suitability. With us, you, therefore, do not run the risk of being misguided by fund rankings and recent returns. This is extremely crucial as your objective is to meet your financial goals by investing in the most suitable funds.

Asset Allocation and rebalancing: At the start of any investment, we put down the target asset allocation of the investor. This target allocation depends on the age, investment objectives and risk profile of the investor. At the end of every year, we compare the target allocation with the current asset allocation and recommend a suitable action. The investor can either choose to follow the recommendation or set a new asset allocation target. In addition, we also proactively suggest any changes that may be required in your portfolio due to fundamental changes in fund attributes (For example, a change in fund manager may have a considerable impact on the future performance of the fund). We, therefore, spend a lot of time reviewing each portfolio in the utmost details. We, therefore, ensure that your money is optimally invested at all times.

Tax Planning: We help our investors with tax planning in multiple ways

  1. Recommend the most suitable tax saving mutual funds under section 80C
  2. Comprehensive Tax Reports which inform the investor what proportion of his corpus has become tax-free and what proportion is liable to taxation. This comes extremely handy at the time of filing returns as investors prefer a ready reckoner of what is their tax liability
  3. Notification of tax liability on redemption (Coming Soon): Often times, investors tend to redeem funds oblivious to the tax liability it creates. We have therefore started intimating our investors on whether their redemption amount is subject to taxation or not. This is extremely helpful when there are tax-free avenues for redemption which can be utilized first
  4. NPS Account opening and investment

Why you need to reallocate your portfolio in volatile markets?

Portfolio Asset Reallocation

How often have we come across the terms risk profiling and portfolio asset allocation? Okay, before you stop reading any further, let us ask you another question.

Do you have that one person in your family who is a self – proclaimed doctor? That uncle who has no academic background of medicine yet has prescriptions for almost every disease that you can think of?

Well, investing in India is a little like that. Most of us google the mutual funds which have given the highest return in the last 1-3 years. At best, we look at the number of yellow stars beside the fund name. And that is all it takes to start our SIPs. But, just like every Bollywood movie, there is always a “but” before every happy ending. And in your investment journey, this but is about the two terms we mentioned at the top.

So, if you they felt unfamiliar to you, well you definitely need to read on.

We are all unique individuals. Every person earns a different amount of money and has a different structure of expenditure. Some of us want to buy a house early and some intend to defer for another 10 years. Some have to think about educating two kids and some have to think about educating themselves more. So basically, we all have very different and very unique financial objectives.

Therefore the objective of investing is not to be able to select the best funds but to be able to fulfill your financial objectives. You might have selected the mid cap fund which gave over 40% returns last year but if you are planning to fund your wedding next year and the stock markets choose to take some rest, well, you might as well be doomed.

And this is exactly what risk profiling and asset allocation helps you identify. At CAGRfunds, we help each of our investors to first establish their risk profile. This means how much risk you should take, how much you are willing to take, how much you require and how much you can actually take. Subsequently, we mutually establish your ideal asset allocation which simply means where you should be investing your money and in what split.

Stock markets change every day. And so do your investments. But your ideal allocation helps you achieve your objectives. However, it is possible that market volatility over short periods and trend movements over long periods can alter your actual allocation significantly. And there comes the need of adjusting your portfolio back to its ideal allocation (which can also change over time).

While a lot of us have started equity SIPs, we find very few manage their investments periodically with the discipline that is warranted of them. For some the task is too complex and for some, they simply do not have the time. Therefore, at CAGRfunds, our algorithms now evaluate every single portfolio to identify the need for any re-allocation adjustments. This is an extremely important analysis for any investment that you make. Simply because this ensures that you are prepared to fulfill your financial objective.

Still not convinced? Call us on +91 97693 56440 and we will be happy to get candid on how this makes sense for you!

Now get rich at less than the cost of one dinner every month!

Start investing in mutual funds with only Rs 500

As part of our Investor Education Initiatives at Corporates, we speak to a lot of employees. And one of the first questions that we ask is – How much money do you think you need to start investing every month?

And amusing as it may sound, the answer varies from a few thousands to a few lacs. Thanks to the TV commercials by AMFI on “Mutual Funds Sahi Hai”, some people now know the truth. All you need to start investing every month is Rs. 500. Yes, that is less than the cost of 1 dinner, 1 new dress or 2 movies!

Unlike big ticket investments like purchasing a house or gold, mutual funds are accessible to all kinds of investors. The initial investment amount for an SIP has been kept as low as Rs. 500 for a lot of funds just to democratize investing. So, it was never about the amount. A lot of us do not start investing only because either we are not aware or we tell ourselves – “Next week pakka!”

And just in case you want to know what the impact of starting to invest early is, read our other article here.

But now that you are aware of both the amount and benefits of early investing, visit us and drop in your details. We will reach out to you within 24 working hours to help you get started on your journey of getting rich!

Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us on +91 97693 56440 or email is on to know how you can get started with your monthly SIPs.

Track Your Mutual Fund Investments Real Time

Till some time ago, every family had a relationship manager who would periodically come and meet our parents and discuss his mutual fund investments with him. And that was the only time our parents could get to know how their funds were doing. This is similar to those times when the only way to send money to someone was to visit a bank branch and deposit some cash/cheque.

With the onslaught of technology, everyone is seeking more convenience in everything that they do. So we don’t want to visit bank branches anymore and neither do we want to depend on our advisor to tell us how our money is doing. At CAGRfunds, we realized this urge for independence and therefore provided our clients with the convenience of tracking their investments on their own personal CAGR dashboard.

Once you register and start investing through the CAGR platform, you are assigned your own login details with which you get access to your own dashboard. Not only can you invest in mutual funds online but also track how your funds are performing.

But you do get a bunch of statements on your email, right? So what is there to track? Well, three reasons why our dashboard helps:

Comprehensive Data:

Some reports give you the value of how much your money has grown while others show you the list of transactions you have made. We give you everything relevant at one place. We show you how much you have invested, the current invested value, the absolute return and the annual return.Not only that, we show you the individual funds that you are invested in and what is the return you are making both at the fund and portfolio level. We also show you how your investments are split between asset classes and if it is in sync with your decided asset-allocation.

Simple Enough For Anyone To Get It:

The fine print and numbers overload on the statements you get on email makes it all the more complicated. Either you sift through all the information yourself or stay uninformed. We obviously don’t want that and hence our dashboard and reports are quite simple. Our clients told this to us! Don’t believe? Read here.

Any Time Visibility:

Reports generally come to you at the end of the month or when you transact. But with us, the next time you are discussing investments with your friend, just log in, check your current portfolio value and returns and have a more informed discussion!

We, therefore, ensure that you stay in complete control of your portfolio. So the next time you call us, it is only to discuss your portfolio, not to get data – because your dashboard gives you all the data you need!

If you have been facing trouble tracking your investments and want to switch to a truly delightful investing experience, do not hesitate to call / Whatsapp us on +91 97693 56440. You can also comment on this post or email us on

2 steps is all it takes to start investing

Remember those times when our parents used to invite an uncle over tea to discuss where they should be investing their money? And then they would sign a pile of documents and hand over a bunch of cheques? Well, believe it or not, a large proportion of investors still follow that route. But times are changing and changing for good.

When we talk to young people we meet, we realize that a lot of them have not started investing only because it requires so much of formalities and paperwork. We therefore knew one thing. The process of investing has to be made extremely convenient.

At CAGRfunds, our investors literally take less than 15 seconds to make a transaction. Since we first discuss the portfolio with our clients, we are able to create customized portfolios on each client’s dashboard which makes investing just a 2-click process for the client.

We launched this feature just 3 months back. And we received an extremely positive response from our users who were absolutely delighted with the little things we did to make the journey convenient for them.

If you don’t believe us, here it from one of our clients here.

Delivering convenience is an ongoing process and we are currently working on several things that will make the experience a lot more delightful in the days to come.

If you want to have a delightful investing experience, do not hesitate to call or Whatsapp us on +91 97693 56440. Alternatively, you can comment on this post or drop us an email on We promise we will get back to you in no time.

Our Investment Experts Cater To The Minutest Of Queries

This post is quite close to our hearts. Because in many ways, it defines who we are.

Let us talk about two recent examples.

Example 1

The other day, we met a 35-year-old salaried individual who had not started investing yet. He knew it was high time he should start deploying his surplus money to better use, but who has the time with a 12-hour job! While we were discussing his financial goals, he gave us a pile of 5 booklets (call them policies). And he smiled and said – “Can you please go through them and tell me what to do?”

And so we did. We not only analyzed the policies for him, we ended up giving him some useful advice, based on our expertise.

So, trust us when we say we go beyond our job description, to help clear those small doubts in your head, which you never ask or share with others!

Example 2

A month back, we met a 22-year-old female who wanted to start saving. It was a usual savings-discussion we were having when she mentioned, how she had no idea about what her tax liability would be that year.

This was of concern because she had just received her salary slip where tax had been deducted for the very first time. She asked if we could help her. And there we were, helping her calculate her tax.

The point we are trying to make is – we are always there for you.

We can never promise to do just everything for you, but if it is within our realm of possibility and knowledge, then we go all out to help you.

You must be thinking why on Earth do we do it? Well, we believe in getting married to our clients. We are not just a platform where you can begin investing or a set of people who will list out 3 funds to invest in.

We are a bunch of financial experts who treat our clients like family. And we do that in our style!

Did a financial query just pop up in your mind? Do not hesitate to call / Whatsapp us on +91 97693 56440. You can also comment on this post or email us on

How CAGRfunds Makes Investing Simple For You

How CAGRfunds decodes the complexity of financial planning for you?

When we first started this business, we went out to talk to our friends about what they thought about investing and financial planning. May we say, we were surprised with the kind of responses we got?

While some of them knew bits and pieces of what financial planning means, most of them were upfront about why they never thought about it. Or rather, thought about it but kept on delaying any action. It was just too complex. That is when we decided to keep investing simple. Whether it was the concepts, the terminology, the planning or the transactions, we were absolutely sure that everything about financial planning needs to be simple.

So we started spending time with every such person we met. Our conversation never started from “How much do you want to invest?” We almost always just asked, “What do you do with your salary or earnings?” As we got answers to what people did with their earnings, we asked more questions, and then more answers. We think we are very good listeners. So that helps us to understand how best we can simplify your finances for you. And thus started the journey of decoding or let us say de-jargonizing the process of financial planning.

Likewise, we never get into terms like CAGR, ROI, risk profile, net worth etc. At CAGRfunds, we believe that there is always a simple layman-way of explaining things. So we generally pick up situations from your life to explain every relevant term to you. For example, if you are an entrepreneur and are wondering how risky will equity mutual funds be, we will perhaps take instances of how you set up your company to give you a sense of what risk in equity means.

Being able to de-jargonize and break down financial planning into simple concepts has helped us a lot in connecting with people who have limited understanding of finance and numbers or who are unable to take the right decisions about managing their money. And hence, we love to interact with people.

If you are one of them who wants to grow their wealth but is confused about how to go about it, maybe you should befriend us. We don’t charge you for a conversation, so no harm giving it a try!!

Whatsapp / Call us on +91 97693 56440 or email us on

Our Clients Love Us For The Personal Attention We Give

Financial planning is increasingly getting algorithmic and robotic. But when we go out to meet people who want to start investing, it is rarely as simple as just giving them a list of 4-5 funds. To give you a sense of what we mean, some common issues which come up in our meetings are as follows:

  1. My parents took a few LIC policies for me. I know they don’t make sense but I don’t know what to do with them
  2. I currently spend everything I earn. How do I start saving and how much do others save every month?
  3. I have never tried investing. Now that I want to start, what do I do with the amount lying in my bank account?
  4. I save a good amount every month. I have an ongoing RD with my bank
  5. My Relationship Manager from the bank said I should invest in XYZ plan for tax benefits
  6. I invest in mutual funds. I chose the funds from Google based on the highest returns over the last 1 year

And the list goes on.

Well, Indians need a person to talk to. Not just for investing but for every little query that they have. We might buy medicines online but we all have the one family doctor whom we call up in case of any medical issue. CAGRfunds intends to be exactly that family friend who caters to all your financial requirements.

With an experience of a little over one and a half years, we realized that managing your money is not just about suggesting where to invest. It is all about trust. And trust is established when you feel comfortable about reaching out to us whenever you have a question in mind.

We, therefore, treat every client like family. Your financial well – being is our responsibility and we are happy to become your financial partner throughout your investing journey. We realize this when our clients complimented us for being approachable and reachable. Something that sets us apart from others in this industry. We are able to cater to every client only because we are a small team.

So, no we don’t want a million users in 3 months. We are happy to make you a part of our small family and stick by you and your future generations!

Have a money-related question in mind? Maybe you would want to befriend us. Call / Whatsapp us on +91 97693 56440 or email us at We love to get back within 24 working hours!