Our Clients Love Us For The Personal Attention We Give

Financial planning is increasingly getting algorithmic and robotic. But when we go out to meet people who want to start investing, it is rarely as simple as just giving them a list of 4-5 funds. To give you a sense of what we mean, some common issues which come up in our meetings are as follows:

  1. My parents took a few LIC policies for me. I know they don’t make sense but I don’t know what to do with them
  2. I currently spend everything I earn. How do I start saving and how much do others save every month?
  3. I have never tried investing. Now that I want to start, what do I do with the amount lying in my bank account?
  4. I save a good amount every month. I have an ongoing RD with my bank
  5. My Relationship Manager from the bank said I should invest in XYZ plan for tax benefits
  6. I invest in mutual funds. I chose the funds from Google based on the highest returns over the last 1 year

And the list goes on.

Well, Indians need a person to talk to. Not just for investing but for every little query that they have. We might buy medicines online but we all have the one family doctor whom we call up in case of any medical issue. CAGRfunds intends to be exactly that family friend who caters to all your financial requirements.

With an experience of a little over one and a half years, we realized that managing your money is not just about suggesting where to invest. It is all about trust. And trust is established when you feel comfortable about reaching out to us whenever you have a question in mind.

We, therefore, treat every client like family. Your financial well – being is our responsibility and we are happy to become your financial partner throughout your investing journey. We realize this when our clients complimented us for being approachable and reachable. Something that sets us apart from others in this industry. We are able to cater to every client only because we are a small team.

So, no we don’t want a million users in 3 months. We are happy to make you a part of our small family and stick by you and your future generations!

Have a money-related question in mind? Maybe you would want to befriend us. Call / Whatsapp us on +91 97693 56440 or email us at contact@cagrfunds.com. We love to get back within 24 working hours!