CAGR Insights – 30 Dec 2022

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Index30-Dec-2223-Dec-22Change (%) 
Nifty 501810517,8061.68
Nifty 5001544815,0462.67
Nifty Midcap 50 87518,4004.18
Nifty Small cap 10097319,1825.98

Gyaan of the week

Hybrid mutual Funds are funds that invest in a combination of different asset class mainly debt and Equity. The objective of the fund is to diversify the portfolio with an aim to reduce the risk and also generate income.

Hybrid Funds are suitable for first-time investors and for investors looking for lower volatility than pure equity funds. Some of the popular Hybrid Funds are Aggressive Hybrid Funds, Conservative Hybrid Funds, Arbitrage Funds, etc.

Here’s the list of curated readings for you this week:

Personal Finance

  • The new Mutual Fund Challengers – India’s tightly regulated and highly competitive mutual funds market is dominated by large established players. But a bunch of new fund houses is looking to disrupt the space that is already riding high on technology, innovation and digitisation. Read here.
  • To Parents with love – Must read. A compilation of essays on how parents can be prepared to support their children’s future aspirations! Read here.
  • Massive decline in new MF investor registration due to change in KYC norms- AMFI data shows that the MF industry added 78,045 investors in November 2022, the lowest since April 2022. Between April and October, the industry added over 3.75 lakh new investors on a monthly basis. Read here.
  • An underappreciation for how small things compound into extraordinary things – Howard Marks once talked about an investor whose annual results were never ranked in the top quartile, but over a 14-year period he was in the top 4% of all investors. If he keeps those mediocre returns up for another 10 years he may be in the top 1% of his peers – one of the greatest of his generation despite being unmentionable in any given year. Read here.


  • Stocks ki Baat – Globus spirits– The 2nd edition of new “Stocks Ki Baat” series, talks about an Alcoholic beverage company. The company is the largest grain-based ENA manufacturer in India with a capacity of 250 Mio lts. Read here.
  • MF CIOs see weak case for equity mkt next 1-2 years, recommend debt– “Our fund house applied three main criteria of corporate earnings, valuations and sentiments and while macro drivers were positive for corporate earnings, the other two factors did not portend well for the equity markets in the next couple of years,” said SBI MF’s Srinivasan. Read here.
  • How to learn from others – A time comes when the teacher has to disappear and we need to be comfortable in the driving seat without any guidance. At this stage we need to be self-aware about our limitations and our style of processing ideas. Read here.
  • Warren Buffet says “When I want to do something, I want to do it big” – In this video, Warren Buffett, the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway shares a wide-ranging interview with Charlie Rose about the Berkshire Hathaway he created, his friends, his values, and life at a young age of 91, compared to Charlie Munger. Watch here.


  • Indians spent 11 bn minutes travelling in Uber cabs in 2022 –The year 2022 saw Indians start travelling big again, and cities swinging back open for business after the pandemic. Uber trips during the year covered as many as 4.5 billion kilometres, which is the distance from Earth all the way to Neptune. Read here.
  • Central Bank watching is like an art form – Central bank actions and communications are as much as what is said as what is left unsaid. It is both reading the lines as well as reading between the lines. Read here.

CAGR Speak

  • How does Inflation impact equities and various factor strategies? This can be a useful read to help us navigate the period of high inflation. Read the linkedin post here.
  • Small advice firms vs large ones. Large is not necessarily credible. The reason we tend to prefer larger brands as consumers is because we feel they are more credible. In the space of personal finance, parameters which vouch for credibility can exist with smaller firms as well. Read the linkedin post here.


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