CAGR Insights – 27 Oct 2023

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Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) consists of holdings in demat accounts held with CDSL and NSDL. It also includes units of mutual funds held in Statement of Accounts. This statement gives a combined view of an investor’s investments across demat accounts and mutual funds.

CAS is sent on a monthly basis if there is any transaction in investor’s demat accounts or mutual fund folios. However, in case there is no transaction for a particular month in a year, the CAS will be sent to the investor on a half-yearly basis. CDSL has provided a facility for investors to download their CAS through its website(

Here’s the list of curated readings for you this week:

Personal Finance

  • For NRIs who plan to come back to India, investing in India is a no brainer. – A friend who lives in London was telling me why she does not invest aggressively in India. Read here.

  • SEBI acts against Fininfluencers – Baap of Chart asked to refund over Rs 17 crore in fee, banned from securities market- Sebi order has been passed against fraudulent investment advisory service. Read here

  • SEBI proposes new ‘high-risk’ category of mutual funds, seeks comments from AMFI – To ensure that small investors don’t get pulled in by high-risk strategies, SEBI has proposed that this new category- if the proposal goes through- should have a higher minimal investment barrier.Read here

  • Global hedge funds are boosting their presence in the long-shunned Indian market – Singapore-based multi-strategy hedge fund Dymon Asia Capital and Citadel Securities are among funds and securities brokers entering a market they had smaller exposure to in the past, worried about tax issues and their ability to hedge investments through short-selling. Read here.


  • Lab Grown diamonds impacting the natural diamond market – Polished natural diamond rates crack 35% in a month. Read here.

  • Ackman, Gross Abandon Bearish Bond View With Yields Bouncing Off 5% Whether the retreat of the two vocal bears will mark the peak of the current bond selloff remains to be seen. Certainly some market watchers say 10-year yields pushing up toward 6% isn’t out of the question. Read here

  • Massive consumer brand, Johnson & Johnson pursues bankruptcy filing – The iconic brand faces massive liability due to tens of thousands of personal injury lawsuits related to its talc products allegedly causing ovarian cancer.  Read here.

  • India bond yields turn attractive – Yields have increased for Indian government bonds due to the Israel-Palestine conflict and its impact on oil, and uncertainty on RBI’s liquidity actions.  Read here.

  • Does market signal credit risk changes? – The study showed that contrary to popular belief Market movements or signals, may not be reliable predictors of changes in credit profiles. Read here.


  • Nothing Unsecured about Unsecured Lending –The share of secured portfolio dominates the unsecured portfolio within retail space. Further, total share of unsecured retail loans is only around one-tenth of ASCBs credit portfolio, indicating contained risk at the time. Read here.

  • Projection of Kharif output:2023-24 – Overall Kharif sowing has inched up marginally with much higher acreage in rice. However, pulses and oilseeds sown area logged lower sowing. Given this backdrop, we expect marginal improvement in kharif output Read here.

  • What has been the consumption story so far in manufacturing? –The next couple of months will determine whether consumption has actually picked up as producers increase their output.  Rural demand will hold the clue here and there can be some pressure from lower output in some crops. Read more.


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