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The riskometer is a standardized tool used by mutual funds to communicate the risk levels of individual funds. It employs a visual representation with a needle, similar to a compass, to indicate different risk levels. Categories range from “Low Risk” for minimal risk suitable for conservative investors to “Very High Risk” for aggressive investors targeting long-term wealth creation. Each category outlines the expected risk on the principal, providing guidance for investors based on their risk tolerance. Higher-risk categories may involve exposure to equity-oriented risks and volatile stocks, while lower-risk options are more conservative, emphasizing wealth preservation.


Personal Finance

  • The Dopamine Cartel’s Grip on Society – The article discusses the rise of a post-entertainment culture dominated by addictive distractions fueled by tech platforms, leading to societal and psychological consequences. Read here.

  • RBI FAQs Clarify Business Restrictions on Paytm Payments Bank Wallet – Confirms Post-March 15, 2024 Operations; Users Can Continue Transactions, Withdrawals, and Cashbacks, But No Top-ups or Transfers Allowed. Read here.

  • 25 Investing Mistakes to Avoid for Financial Success – The author shares personal investing mistakes made over time, emphasizing the importance of learning from the experiences of others to avoid common pitfalls and achieve financial success. Read here.

  • Separating Overrated Trends from Underrated Wisdom – The article discusses the overrated aspects of personal finance, such as early retirement, investment properties, and portfolio rebalancing, while highlighting the importance of financial education, diversification, and income growth. Read here.

  • ECB Staff Members Criticize Bitcoin’s Approval as an Asset Amid Environmental and Social Concerns – European Central Bank staff members maintain that Bitcoin’s recent US approval as an asset for Exchange-Traded Funds doesn’t alter its lack of intrinsic value, emphasizing its risks to society, environment, and economic fundamentals. Read here.


  • Japanese market hits all-time high – Nikkei 225 index surpasses all-time high after 34 years, driven by chip-related stocks, foreign investment, and domestic savings scheme. Read here.

  • The Power of Investing in Market Leaders – Investing in market-leading companies offers substantial rewards, driven by economies of scale, market dominance, and strong management, but it requires careful vigilance and strategic insight to ensure sustained growth. Read here.

  • Peter Lynch’s Investment Wisdom – He shares his Insights on Timeless Lessons of the Art of Successful Investing claiming relevance even after 25 years, elaborating them with real-life examples. Watch here.

  • Challenges and Opportunities: Assessing India’s Equities – Investor demand for India rises as capital moves out of China ETFs, but concerns over earnings misses, high valuations, and rival market attractiveness dampen the prolonged rally in Indian equities. Read here.

  • Key Takeaways from 5 Informative Charts – These charts provide insights into market dynamics, valuation metrics, investment strategies, and historical patterns related to equity markets and investing.Read here.

  • Dealing with Catastrophic Risk in Business Valuation – The article discusses the impact of catastrophic risks on business valuation, the challenges of pricing such risks, and the psychological and financial implications of market reactions to existential threats. Read here.

  • Zee Entertainment Faces Sebi Probe -India’s market regulator uncovers potential $241 million fund diversion at Zee Entertainment, complicating its post-merger revival efforts with Sony Group Corp. Read here.


  • India’s Bond Market Aces Record Borrowing Despite Global Headwinds – Government’s gross borrowing programme for FY 2023-24 concluded without any devolvement, a first in over a decade, buoyed by strong demand for bonds despite record market borrowing. Read here.

  • India’s Foreign Direct Investment in Decline – India’s FDI inflows have been declining structurally, with reinvested earnings accounting for a larger share, highlighting challenges in attracting new investments. Read here.

  • Exploring India’s Economic Outlook – Key points from a lecture on India’s economic trajectory, including growth prospects, stock market valuation concerns, bubbles, policy shifts, and anecdotes about various sectors. Watch here.


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