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A credit rating refers to an unbiased evaluation of the creditworthiness of a company or government entity, either in a broad sense or specifically in relation to a particular debt or financial responsibility. The credit rating essentially involves predicting a company’s capacity to repay its debt and implicitly forecasting the probability of the debtor defaulting.

A strong credit rating signifies that, according to the evaluation of the rating agency, a bond issuer will most likely meet its financial obligations to investors with ease. Conversely, a low credit rating suggests that the issuer may face challenges in fulfilling its payments or potentially default on them.

If a company possesses higher credit ratings, the interest payments on the bonds issued by that company will be lower. Conversely, if a company has lower credit ratings, the interest payments on its bonds will be higher. Credit ratings are provided by Credit Rating Agencies (CRAs) like Fitch, Moody’s, S&P, CRISIL, and others. Credit ratings are represented as letter grades, with AAA being the highest and D being the lowest.  

Here’s the list of curated readings for you this week:

Personal Finance

  • Why Adventure is always a good investment – In the grand tapestry of life, it is the threads of memories that add color and texture, creating a mosaic of joy and satisfaction. Read here.

  • TickTock’s latest obsession ‘Slient Walking’ – Often overlooked in our bustling world, emerges as a powerful tool for cultivating mindfulness and promoting overall well-being. Read here.

  • India’s richest 100 – Mukesh Ambani regains the top spot on the list in 2023, while a few people were left off the list this year. Read here.


  • 4 things you must come to terms with as an equity investor – Investing comes with its own set of emotional pressures, including time constraints, expenses, and the ability to balance short-term bills with long-term investment focus. Read here.

  • Luck, humility, and arrogant money – Damodaran’s insights on the importance of being aware of biases, seeking opinions from those who think differently, and adaptability in the ever-evolving world of investing. Read here.

  • The Behavioral Case for Defensive Equities – The article discusses how human behavior, influenced by cognitive biases like loss aversion and overconfidence, can lead to irrational investment decisions. Read here.


  • Ahmedabad hotels cross Rs 1 lakh a night – With Cricket World Cup 2023 final upcoming this Sunday, travel and accommodation prices in Ahmedabad have soared dramatically. Read here.

  • When will India’s firecracker industry celebrate Diwali? – The Supreme Court’s 2021 ban on harmful chemicals in fireworks, reiterated recently, has impacted India’s fireworks industry economically. Read here.

  • RBI hikes risk weights on unsecured bank, NBFC loans by 25% – This move by RBI in response to concerns about the growing systemic risk associated with unsecured retail loans is aimed at stabilizing and calibrating the growth of such loans, requiring lenders to provide higher capital for such loans. Read here.


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