CAGR Insights – 15 Mar 2024

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Chart Ki Baat


Bazaar Ki Baat

In the 17th edition of “Bazaar ki baat”, we discuss 2 special topics

  1. How to rebalance your portfolio
  2. PPFAS launches a new category

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Here’s the list of curated readings for you this week:

Personal Finance

  • Deciphering the Rise of the Indus App Store – Exploring the features, challenges, and strategies of India’s new Indus app store in competing with Google Play. Read here.

  • From Rebuilding to Marvel Superstar – Robert Downey Jr.’s transformative role as Iron Man paved the way for one of the greatest comebacks in acting history, earning him over $450 million and propelling the Marvel Cinematic Universe to unprecedented success. Read here.

  • Navigating Market Volatility – The author reflects on lessons from historical market data, emphasizing the importance of staying invested, reinvesting dividends, and resisting emotional impulses in turbulent times. Read here.

  • The Power of Reputation in Investing – Building a strong reputation is the ultimate edge in investing, attracting opportunities, respect from companies, and facilitating decisiveness in decision-making. Read here.

  • Mastering the Art of Regular Writing – Building a consistent writing habit involves aligning writing goals with personal aspirations, committing to a schedule, and embracing quantity over perfection through a structured habit loop. Read here.

  • Insights Gained from Two Decades in Investment Management – Twenty valuable lessons for managing money covering the importance of risk perception, emotional intelligence, long-term perspective, and simplicity in investment success. Read here.


  • Balancing Opportunity and Risk in a Bull Market Surge – Navigating the Indian equity market’s euphoric rise amidst valuation concerns and the importance of focusing on companies with strong earnings growth prospects. Read here.

  • Silent Exit Amid Regulatory Scrutiny – Founder of Paytm, faces significant challenges and regulatory scrutiny amid his resignation from the board of Paytm Payments Bank due to repeated violations. Read here.

  • Paytm Payments Bank Penalized for Money Laundering Violations – FIU-IND imposes a penalty on Paytm Payments Bank for money laundering violations, while One97 Communications discontinues inter-company agreements and announces operational changes. Read here.

  • India’s Resilient Bull Run – The Bull Run stands out amid Global Market Volatility, showcasing balanced growth, driven by diverse sector performance. Read here.

  • Indian Market Dynamics – Indian retail investors favor SmallCaps over Megacaps, causing a disparity between the profitability and market capitalization of Megacaps, presenting potential investment opportunities. Read here.

  • Potential Trajectory of Gold – Gold’s recent surge, fueled by geopolitical tensions and concerns over the safety of US Treasuries, could see it reaching $15,000 per ounce by 2026, driven by historical bull market trends and investor demand. Read here.

  • Embracing Buffett and Thiel’s philosophy – Investing in monopolies and oligopolies can lead to substantial returns, but carefully considering industry dynamics is crucial. Such companies dominate industries, generate significant cash flow, and benefit from barriers to entry. Read here.

  • The Shifting Narrative of Cryptocurrency – The author reflects on the changing narrative of cryptocurrency, highlighting the current momentum-driven rally fueled by increasing adoption and speculation, despite lacking fundamental use cases. Read here.


  • A Focus on Private Investment Revival – India’s macroeconomic conditions show signs of improvement, but a revival in private investment and consumption remains crucial for sustained growth. Read here.

  • Asia’s Economic Outlook – Escalating violence in the Red Sea could slow Asia’s economic growth and increase inflation due to supply chain disruptions, impacting export-dependent economies and prompting central banks to reconsider monetary easing. Read here.

  • India’s Digital Revolution – The Resurgence of India’s digitalization, marked by a thriving IT sector, innovative digital initiatives, and the launch of the S&P India Tech Index, reflects its journey toward becoming a global digital leader. Read here.


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