CAGR Insights – 13 Jan 2023

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Index13-Jan-2306-Jan-23Change (%)
Nifty 5017,95617,859 0.54
Nifty 50015,34615,272 0.48
Nifty Midcap 508,7478,752-0.06
Nifty Smallcap 1009,6759,656 0.20

Gyaan of the week

Multi-Asset Allocation Funds are hybrid funds that invest a minimum of 10% in at least 3 asset classes. These funds typically have a combination of equity, debt, and one more asset class like gold, real estate, etc.

The multi-asset allocation Mutual Funds are suitable for investors who have a low-risk appetite but want to enjoy steady returns on their investments. It helps to even out the risk that comes along with investing in just one type of asset class. It ensures a steady flow of income for the investors even at a time when some asset classes are underperforming than usual.

Here’s the list of curated readings for you this week:

Personal Finance

  • What Fund Managers Do With Their Money – Fortune India asked India’s top money managers how they handle their finances. Here are some investment lessons from the best of the best. Read here.
  • Nitin Kamath on bonds for retail investors. – We’ve always believed that bonds and maybe not stocks are the right stepping stone for most Indians—better than FD returns but lower risk than stocks. Read twitter thread here.


  • Stocks Ki Baat – Maithan Alloys – In the 3rd edition of our “Stocks Ki Baat” series, we write about a Ferro Alloy company. The company is the largest manufacturer of manganese alloys in India.  Read here
  • Interest rate rise does not impact equity returns – Most of the impact that declining interest rates had on asset prices (particularly U.S. stocks) occurred during the 1980s (and somewhat into the mid-1990s). After that, the impact of declining interest rates may not be as significant. Read here.
  • 1979 Profile of Warren Buffet: The investor’s investor – He thinks of stocks only as a fractional interest in a business and always begins by asking himself “ How much would I pay for all of this company? And on that basis, what will I pay for 1% of it?”  Read twitter post here.
  • Indian Exchanges – Rise of Option Turnover – The trading volumes in India’s capital markets have seen significant growth in recent years. NSE’s Cash Equity volumes have tripled and Futures volumes have more than doubled over the last seven years. Read here.
  • Tata Neu is not working– Tata Group’s ambitious super app is expected to meet just half of the sales target in its debut year. Read here.


  • CareEdge releases first edition of state’s ranking – Maharashtra tops the overall ranking of all states, with a favourable score in social, financial inclusion and fiscal categories. Gujarat ranks second and fares well in economic and fiscal categories, while Tamil Nadu ranks third with an edge in social and governance categories. Read here.
  • States may borrow only around 65% of Jan-Mar calendar, sources say– States are flush with ample cash and spending remains sluggish, so they would not need to borrow the entire amount, the official said. In a note on Tuesday, IDFC FIRST Bank estimated state governments have a cash surplus of around 3 trln rupees in December. Read here.

CAGR Speak

  • Fixed Deposit rates have increased. Should I now invest in fixed deposits? Well, for me, I am still not investing in Bank Fixed Deposits says Shruti. Then what? Read the linkedin post here.


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