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Will Debt Funds help you create wealth?

Debt funds are good investment vehicles to protect your capital and still earn more than your bank interest, but they may not sufficient to help you generate enough wealth to achieve financial independence. Let us understand this by an example. Assumptions: A 30-year-old salaried employee has a current monthly income of INR 1.5 Lacs Annual […]

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Should you save and invest for your child’s education?

If you did your MBA from IIM Ahmedabad back in 2007, you probably paid somewhere around 4 lacs. Your younger sibling would have paid somewhere around 21 lacs this year. That is 4 times of what you must have paid and a staggering 23% annual increase in the fees. If the cost of education rises […]

Demystifying Investing with Kshitiz Jain

Look beyond the obvious

A few days back, I met an old school friend Rajeev on my flight from Mumbai to New Delhi. We started reminiscing about our old school days and the time just flew by. Rajeev has done well in his career and is working as a Management Consultant with a reputed consulting firm. Somehow, the discussion […]