1. Referral award will be in the form of PAYTM cash
2. For getting the referral pay-out, you need to be a CAGR registered client.
3. Our referral program consists of two categories:
    a. Tier I – Up to 5 friends, you earn Rs. 300 per friend
    b. Tier II – For all referrals beyond 5 friends within 60 days, you earn Rs. 600 per friend
    So if you refer 3 friends, you earn Rs. 900. But if you refer 6 friends, you earn Rs. 3600!!
4. However, the above benefit will accrue in batches of 60 days. Example: If you refer 5 friends within 60 days of the first referral and provide a 6th referral on 61st day, you will continue to remain in Tier I.
5. You are entitled to the referral award only if your referred friends register and invest. Amount of investment does not matter. You earn even if they start investing with Rs. 500!
6. The referral pay-out will be credited to your PAYTM Account on the 15th and 30th of every month.
7. In case your CAGR registered mobile number is not your PAYTM registered mobile number, please send us your PAYTM Account details on contact@cagrfunds.com .

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